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I'm Naraya Oakspring, creator, healer and space holder of Gaia Sophia Sanctuary.

My mission is to help you nurture what I believe is most essential for health, well-being and joyful living: 

the Wild Wisdom of Nature that lives inside of you

Deep down we all have this connection, but many of us forget it in our busy lives and don't take the time to tune into it. As a result, we miss the opportunity to hear the valuable guidance that lives in our very own bodies and a gap forms where stress and disconnection happens and we can get into all sorts of sticky situations instead of living from our greatest joy.

I believe the planet crucially needs us to be in our full power and authentic shine at this moment in time. Our healing is Mother Earth's healing and I am dedicated to offer you sacred space for transformation where you can heal with energy medicine, shamanic bodywork, ceremonies and retreats that support you to find balance, wholeness and harmony in your every day living.

Thank you for being here.

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Rewild, Reconnect & Remember Well-being
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October 9, 2018

August 3, 2017

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