Gaia Sophia Sanctuary is Pamela Naraya Oakspring’s contribution to the flowering of consciousness and Love intelligence on the planet at this time and for the future generations. Pamela Naraya is dedicated to the path of embodiment in harmony with Nature and loves sharing her passion with others. Her primary love and quest is to feed the wild spirit, embody wholeness, and grow in peace with the land. She shares this with others through Healing Sessions, Shamanic Bodywork, Sister Circles, Ceremonies, Retreats, and Aura Sprays. 

Pamela Naraya has been un-learning and re-membering her true nature since she started Yoga at the age of 12 when she had a glimpse of inner freedom. At 19, her quest for healing brought her to be initiated into the empowerment of the Shamanic path and Reiki healing in Scotland. She spent much of her twenties as a seeker and apprentice of healing and Earth Medicine, travelling the world visiting sacred sites, working with Shamans, and deepening her relationship with the Spirit of the Earth. 

Pamela Naraya loves sharing Earth medicine with others, creating healing ceremonies, and helping women to heal their wombs and activate it as a the centre of deep power and creativity that it is. She believes that as we own the power that lives within our bodies, fully inhabit it and share our truth with the world, the Earth is supported in regaining balance and harmony. 

Pamela Naraya is passionate about deep ecology, women's mysteries, plant medicine, foraging, creativity and joyful living. She loves tending the Bees, children, drumming, singing, dancing and coming together as a tribe for mutual support, cultural repair and celebration.


Trainings and Qualifications:

- Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Stirling, Scotland

- Reiki Master

- Transformational Breathwork Facilitator

- Firewalking Instructor

- Aura Mediator in AuraTransformation

- Living foods and Detox Training 

- Doula Training

- Rite of the Womb

- Medicine for the Earth 

- Intuitive Herbalism Apprenticeship

- Shamanic Womb Massage

- Feminine Wellness Mentoring

- Ancient Lomi Lomi Bodywork


"Doing the Aura Transformation with Naraya was one of the most transformative, real and efficient energy work I have ever done. 

Straight after the session, I felt brighter and firmly grounded with a new sense of awereness and clear boundaries.

In strong alignment with my purpose, I resonate on a higher level, experiencing more synchronicities and healing in my relationships.

I also feel renewed on a cellular level, more balanced and re-energised.

Naraya's vibration is authentic and full of light which is why I love working with her, she naturally inspires trust and confidence, making us comfortable.

Her essences also smell gorgeous, a testimony to her magical abilities and deep commitment as an herbalist.

Working with her is the best gift we can give to ourselves."

- Analucia Ferraci

"Attending the Womb Circle and Elder tea ceremony run by Naraya Oakspring was a joy, from start to finish. Naraya is a highly intuitive, experienced and accomplished Plant healer, Shamanic practitioner and circle leader. It felt so wonderful to relax, let go and journey in the beautiful sacred space that she held for us. Her knowledge is vast, her techniques and capabilities are multi – dimensional, and as a circle leader myself, it was refreshing and wonderful to be held spiritually, in such capable hands. The Elder journey, the transformational breath work and the Venus Gong meditation each provided their own medicine, and overall the process was relaxing, intense and uplifting. I’m looking forward to finding out about more of Naraya’s workshops, and receiving the Rite of the Womb ritual was the icing on the cake. Thank you, xxx" 

- Helen Talboys Knott, Red Tent Guide



"I spent a week doing deep healing work with Naraya at the Open Mind Centre in Pai. I found her at a point in my journey where I was feeling quite lost, aimless and disconnected despite all the previous healing exploratory work I had done. I was immediately drawn to the Aura Transformation and Breathwork sessions that she offered. However, I had a lot of questions and concerns which I asked through email - her replies were always deeply comforting as she had so much wisdom, knowledge and insight to offer. Naraya has a warm, grounding, light hearted presence yet she is a powerful being. The aura transformation was quite internal for me but I could always feel what stage of the process we were at because there would be a shift in the energy, a sign of the power and strength in Naraya’s energetic channeling. I left the session feeling embodied and empowered. The breathwork has also had a profound impact on me. It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but facing the fear that arises and then allowing the body space to release it has been invaluable. Naraya’s beautiful and nurturing support throughout the process helped me trust myself to sink deeper and let go. Such an incredible week, that has helped me to fully align with my hearts intentions and purpose. I am forever grateful, thank you so much!!" - Suzannah Lim 

The Winter Solstice cacao ceremony was a very powerful experience of release for me, and I'm hugely grateful for this.  I loved that through combining it with the 5 Elements dance, I was able to embody the spirit of the cacao and the intense heart-opening it created within. This was a deeply special way to mark the energy of rebirth that Winter Solstice holds."

- Helen Moore, Eco-Poet

""I experienced a workshop with Naraya at the start of a festival (Beltane). I felt closed off, starved, frightened. Being in the space, the circle of women started a gentle stroking of my soul. The shamanic work and visualisation was incredibly powerful for me, deep deep pain and isolation was being released and it is the deepest release I have ever felt. It was a wonderfully safe space to let this happen, or I am sure it never would have happened. I had felt like the life was leaving me, laying breathless. After this workshop I was sitting up, alert and inquisitive, wanting to heal and be part of the beautiful world. A very big thank you Naraya for sharing your wonderful gift and I hope to see you soon." - Victoria Schermuly 

"Have never known anything quite like this for drawing your attention to the root of ancestral patterns - and it has a delectable fragrance too. It's amazing - clearly made with love and integrity. I'd highly recommend this essence xxx 

- Marian Rose, Taoist practitioner

"Thank you Naraya for yet another powerful moving experience of your most amazing cacao ceremony. What I love about your ceremonies is how you integrate it with shamanic healing journeys. It couldn't have come at a better time for me as I am going through some challenging times in my life at the moment. The space you facilitate and offer really enabled me to be free with my feelings and express them in the most healing way beneficial for me. A number of days on and I am still feeling the benefits. I felt I could unclog a lot of old stagnant emotions, some raw, whilst at the same time be open to the possibilities of dancing with the new. Words cannot sum the whole experience. One would have to be there to experience the magic of your beautiful ceremonies. Abundance of gratitude to you soul sister. I can't wait to come to the next ceremony."

- Fatema Milton, Care worker

'I am so grateful for the gift that the retreat has brought me. It was beautifully led by Naraya and Bob who held the space in a very organic, sacred, safe and also fun way. I just love the way the whole weekend unfolded. We all co-created magic thanks to a gentle structure and lots of openness and flexibility. A real opportunity to dive into conscious relationship, touch upon our light and shadows, see our mirror in others, bathe with the magic of cacao, sound healing and shamanism...And what a location! An open-hearted experience and learning weekend with beautiful and authentic people. Thanks so much Naraya & Bob! You deeply inspire me’

- Aurore Teuira, Shiatsu practitioner

" When AuraTransformation hit my eyes, I felt that this was the session I wanted with Naraya. I read Anni Sennov's book & realized that I was preparing myself for this to happen many months ago, having aches in my physical body & emotional pain also. Naraya is a real treasure & very powerful healer. She was very focused with what was passing through me & her words has given me the answers I was looking for … She helped not only with the session but also with her clairvoyant information of what was happening in my life energetically & why…As I work already as a healer, I recognized her soft & loving way but at the same time she is a very powerful channel for the New Time energies. Naraya I really thank u for the work you did… all my expectations have been met.

My body is not in pain anymore & emotionally I am very stabilised & more balanced in my relationships. This session has totally changed my life to a positive & more creative way of being, especially being true to myself … I am resonating now with different people who are close to my spiritual agenda & feel more satisfied because I feel that they can understand me & care for my needs in a new way. At the same time I feel very protected from the energies of the Group I work with, not mixing with their issues & patterns, so I feel more powerful to support them & give healing as my energetic levels are higher & re-charged. My relationship with my son has improved in a positive way as I can understand him deeply & can recognize his worries or needs…. I really feel gratitude that with your precious help, that this great transformation has happened for me……"

- Kallisto Nikolaidou, Energy worker

"I had my Auratransformation nearly 6 months ago and it has been quite a ride so far.. I have known Naraya for a while and find her energy beautiful.. And a joy to be around. She also worked with 2 of our children with incredible outcomes.. our teenage son especially so. As though he is now full of his spirit rather than being unattached to parts of it .. The kids were both so comfortable with Naraya.

During my AT I felt so safe and supported throughout. I was very ready for this and had been drawn to AT for nearly a year earlier.. I had read the "Balance on all levels" book and my soul knew what to do.. almost like a soul birth..I liken it to my body knowing what to do during my physical birthing.

What I was not ready for was the depths and the highs that this firey medicine took me over the coming months .. I thought I was in the 'driver's seat'. I now know I was not. There were things in my life that needed uprooting and spruced up or chucked out to really feel the benefits of this marvelous medicine. When I have veered off course and not shown myself absolute unconditional love, I have known about it and felt supported to do something about it ...And why would you want it any other way..!?

Once realised, released and on the right track again, the glowing expansion of this beautiful feeling I get in my heart is just stunning.. I feel that my creativity and zest for all things in life has multiplied.. My relationship with the kids is so much deeper.. more present.. I feel I am learning so much from them.. I am so happy.. Feel that I am living more in my NOW rather than missing all these magical moments. I know that there are ups and downs but I also know that with these come the most valuable lessons and shiny beautiful treasures.. I am living in a state of love now rather than fear.. And I am loving this journey that is my life, love it with all of my body, my spirit and soul."

- Tallulah Fry, Mother


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