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Welcome to the shop. Here you will find tools to support your well-being with vibrational essences of trees, flowers, crystals and essential oils. A simple misting of one of these sprays can make a huge difference whether you want to lift your space, focus for a creative project, or perhaps just enjoy peaceful energy. Each mist is handmade with special intention and loving care.


The essences capture the energetic properties of the flower, for instance, through the medium of water and sunlight, taking a sort of energetic photograph, an imprint, into the water. The water is then preserved with alcohol and further diluted into stock and dosage bottles. These little bottles of magic gift us the properties of the flower, crystal, tree or land that is being worked with. It is a very powerful way to work with nature’s medicines and support ourselves with their gifts that help bring out the gifts we carry as well. Essences can help us to release blocks, soothe our sorrows and empower us on our way. 
For the next week I am sending out Aura Sprays that I make. These contain different vibrational essences blended with love and intention for different purpouses with therapeutic grade essential oils, mountain spring water and preserved with organic alcohol. Aura sprays are amazing tools! People love to use them for their own self-care to feel supported, uplifted, grounded, inspired and to clear, cleanse and bless the space. People also use them with their clients and in circles, ceremonies and workshops. You just shake, spray and receive the mist into your energy field! May you always feel how Nature is here to support you! Many blessings on your path.

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