Spring Medicine

Cacao Ceremony for Women

Sunday 26th of April, 1-5pm

Sagayoga Studio, 19 Sepänkatu, 00150, Helsinki

Welcome Sister,


This healing ceremony celebrates your radiant being coming into bloom at this time of Spring. Together we will journey deeply into heart and womb, to slow down and listen to the messages in your body temple and opening a safe and sacred space for healing to unfold.


We will connect with the plant ally Cacao and weave our prayers together for ourselves and all of life. Through shamanic journeying and healing practices to open the life force to flow freely in the body, we open to the magic and mystery that lives in our very cells so that it may guide us on our path and help us grow our wellbeing on all levels.


Ceremony helps us to mark changes in the seasons and how they are manifesting in us too. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual paradigm that acknowledges the natural world as an intelligent and mystical being which we are completely interconnected to. Let us share together in this rememberance and sow seeds for the new moon cycle opening into Spring with Cacao medicine in Sisterhood.

Cacao comes to us with a message of Love, helping us to own and embody our own self-love so that we may be ourselves and share our gifts with the world. There is a saying from the Amazon that Cacao will help us when we have forgotten how to look after the trees… Now is that time. Let us remember. We will work with Ceremonial Ashaninka Cacao from Peru, which is a precious, high vibrational and highly nutritious plant medicine. It contains pure anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule (Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit :) ), lots of antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and the molecule of happiness serotonin! Cacao helps to decalicify the pineal gland and activate our love hormones as the natural mood elevator and anti-depressant that it is. The money that goes to the Ashaninka tribe co-operative at fair price for their cacao enables them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.


Booking is essential. Places are limited to 12 sisters in our intimate space at the warm and cosy Sagayoga studio in Punavuori.

Tickets are €33.27 with booking through Eventbrite:


Please inform us if you are pregnant, on antidepressants or heart medication so we can adjust your dose of ceremonial Cacao accordingly.


Eat lightly on the day, wear comfortable clothing, bring an item of significance to you for our altar space, and bring a water bottle and a journal with you. Aura Sprays will be available for sale on the day. Tools made with vibrational essences of plants and crystals, essential oils and flower waters to support self-love and empowerment.


Looking forward to share in sacredness with you.

Tervetuloa Sisko!

Sacred Wild Embodiment Retreat

A personal Rite of Passage in the French Pyrenees

Are you longing for time and space just for you, in the beauty of Nature, to go on a healing journey back home to yourself and your sweet body temple? Are you searching for a new direction in life and would like to be held in a sacred container created just for you to help you take your next step?

Welcome to the Goddess Embodiment Retreat, a private ceremonial immersion home to yourself.

This four-day ceremony is a beautiful rite of passage to activate your highest potential and ground your true nature more deeply into your body. It includes one-to-one sessions which will weave into each other to support you in your unraveling process as you journey with the land and mark your life changes with inner alchemy and empowering transformation. Retreat includes deepening in Nature Communication, Rewilding and personal questing with the land. More details coming soon and available through application process.

May, June and September 2020

Investment: €555

Location: Pyrenees Orientales, France

Get in touch to apply.

I look forward to connecting with you on this sacred journey.

Firewalk Ceremony in Finland

Details coming soon!

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"I am so grateful to Naraya for providing a safe and sacred space so I could have my best healing experience in my life. It was totally amazing, both the journey with the cacao, the  drum, the breathwork, the healing of the womb and the moon, snow and stars that met us outside when we gave our offerings (cones, stones, roses etc) to mother nature. Thank you for coming to us in the arctic and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and essence with us."

- Sofia Larsson, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


"The Winter Solstice cacao ceremony was a very powerful experience of release for me, and I'm hugely grateful for this. I loved that through combining it with the 5 Elements dance, I was able to embody the spirit of the cacao and the intense heart-opening it created within. This was a deeply special way to mark the energy of rebirth that Winter Solstice holds."

- Helen Moore, Eco-Poet


"Thank you Naraya for yet another powerful moving experience of your most amazing cacao ceremony. What I love about your ceremonies is how you integrate it with shamanic healing journeys. It couldn't have come at a better time for me as I am going through some challenging times in my life at the moment. The space you facilitate and offer really enabled me to be free with my feelings and express them in the most healing way beneficial for me. A number of days on and I am still feeling the benefits. I felt I could unclog a lot of old stagnant emotions, some raw, whilst at the same time be open to the possibilities of dancing with the new. Words cannot sum the whole experience. One would have to be there to experience the magic of your beautiful ceremonies. Abundance of gratitude to you soul sister. I can't wait to come to the next ceremony."

- Fatema Milton, Care worker

Blessings of the Wild Earth to You

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